Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Reading Robyn's lyrics

So it's been a long time once again since I've written here. I just don't seem to know what to write. I'll think of something I'd want to write about, then realize that too many people would see it. The old blog, which is now long gone, was very much a confession of the good and bad in me. Anyway, I brainstormed today at work and came up with some topics I can work with. I still work with a stream of consciousness writing; it seems to be my style.

I used to be a very quiet person, hanging out with people without saying a word. I don't know if it's been years of public service or if it's just chatting with strangers when I go out alone (something I kind of like doing) that makes talk on and on now. How did I become the opposite person? I sometimes think it's nervousness and I don't let others talk. It's a very bad habit, that I'd like to work to get rid of. Maybe some combo from my silent self and the talkative one would be best. Wow, that has been a stupid rant.

I've been putting my old Robyn Hitchcock and Softboys CDs on my Itunes lately. It's really great to listen to them again. I couldn't even begin to pick my favorite songs but I've been listening to "Sandra's having her Brain Out", "Brenda's Iron Sledge" and "Insanely Jealous". The lyrics are great in those. "Sandra's" got the most politically incorrect line about women in it: "you don't really need a brain if you're a girl; it's like tonsils, they're more trouble than they're worth" Never-the-less a good song. And I keep making up lyrics to Insanely Jealous like it's a game where one person will start a rhyme, such as "I'm insanely jealous of the hairs on your head" then the next person says "I'm insanely jealous of sheets on your bed", and the game would go on until someone would stump me with "I'm insanely jealous of your love for the color orange"

I have found a database of song lyrics and performance dates (though it's missing some of the early Cincinnati shows that I had been to-wish I was anal enough to have kept a set list back then). Here's a link to that database: http://www.jh3.com/robyn/base/default.asp

And then I google Robyn to look for videos. So many videos, but I was looking for old ones. I found this concert from Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians from 1988. This is much like the shows where I first saw them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5tS2T8oSy0 "Uncorrected Personality Traits" is a great song to see live, though it's not the best quality here.

So that was a little post about Robyn. His shows are the best shows I've ever seen. The sound quality at them is so meticulously set that every word can be heard. I feel sad that I didn't photograph the last time he was in this area. Not many people were there and I wonder if he'll ever tour here again.

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