Sunday, December 7, 2008

Even though I think I took some good photos tonight I still feel kind of empty. The bands that were there were good. But not really what I like lately. Maybe that's it. Or it is that I don't like taking photos in the parlour of Southgate House.? Am I getting picky where I take them now?

I think I am getting picky. I like taking photos in the Ballroom of Southgate House and am having better luck in the back room of Northside Tavern. But places I need a flash I don't feel like I'm getting the best photos. I'm pretty satisfied with the flash shots I got at the Gypsy Hut of Eat Sugar. That's a band that almost needs a flash most of the time. I don't even know if I can get them on the Ballroom of Southgate without flash. I might try in a week or so, if I go see the Faint. But other bands at the Gypsy Hut I don't feel like photographing at all.

But the best shots are definite without flash. I'm hoping to get another low light lens in the future, with a wider range. Of course it doesn't have the image stabilizer that my Canon lenses have.

Just a little rant, I'd rather be doing so many other things besides this, but I'm a bit tipsy and this seems like an innocent thing to rant about.

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