Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Midpoint Music Festival Friday

Photo of a squash because some guys asked me to photograph it, plus it earned me a free beer!

Highlights of Midpoint Music Festival in Cincinnati, Friday night, September 24, 2010. All photos are copyright. If you care to use them, please give credit to echoamy photography or Amy Hartman.

I'm not great at reviewing music, so I just take photos. These are the bands I saw on Friday. I tried to photograph Blind Boy Chocolate and the Milk Sheiks as well as Brighton, MA, but their venues were too dark and my equipment was too outdated.

Most of the photos are of the Happy Maladies and Fang Island as their venues had great lighting and they were so much fun to photograph.

On Fountain Square kids and people with cameras are the only ones near the stage


Poke The Happy Maladies
The Young Republic with Adrien & The Fine Print
Cash Flagg
The Secret Show-Spacehog
The Harlequins
Lovely Crash
Fang Island-the only band I could catch in mid jump, even if it only was a few inches off the ground
Daughters and Sons
Death on Two Wheels
Scotland Yard Gospel Choir-by the time I got to the last venue to see them, I was so tired that I didn't try to get a better spot, so not many photos of this band

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